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Went to Disneyland this Friday

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Spooky Gifts In The Attic 

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So basically this weird old man came up to me and insisted on being in my pictures. Pretty sure he was homeless. Not sure what he was doing in Disneyland.

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I’m super stoked for dapper day tomorrow!

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Anyone else unreasonably excited for all this?

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disneyland 2014

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at Disneyland Rivers Of America

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Hanging in the shade with these lovely ladies.

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   Name Your Favorite…=Place -Person -Color -Food -Smell -Book -Movie -Music -Magazine -Time of day -Day of the week -Tumblr - Thing to do when bored -Website other than Tumblr -Drink -Quote -Ice cream -soda -youtube channel -life hack -candy -restaurant :)   

Place: besides Disneyland, probably Hume Lake.
Person: Batman
Color: blue
Food: hot cheetos
Smell: old books
Book: The Book Thief
Movie: The Wizard of Oz
Music: anything Disney or country
Magazine: don’t read many, probably Teen Vogue
Time of day: late at night
Day of the week: Sunday
Tumblr: basically any of my friends
Thing to do when bored: read, watch YouTube videos
Website other than Tumblr: twitter or facebook
Drink: iced tea
Quote: don’t have one
Ice cream: chocolate
soda: Mountain Dew
youtube channel: there’s so many
life hack: I don’t like use any
candy: sour patch kids
restaurant: Joe’s Crab Shack

Thank you, this was fun!!

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So I’m stuck on a train for approximately the next 16 hours… Send me questions, come chat with me!

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