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DCA - Pardise Pier on Flickr.

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Sleeping Beauty’s Castle on Flickr.

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no matter how far we go… by ring of fire hot sauce 1 on flickr.


Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme, beaut-egg and the beast… 🐣 (at Big Thunder Ranch)

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Under The Sea! 

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   If you could have any job at any of the Disney parks/cruise line/etc., where would you choose and what role would you want?   

can i be a dapper dan

but probably a musician in any of the parks (except as far as i know they don’t have bass clarinets in the parks but if i got to play on a disney movie score that would be really awesome too)

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snarkasticbrat inquired:
   Most awkward encounter you've had with a Disney performer? And what made it so awkward?   

Yes this is a good question, thank you, Kayla. 

This is somewhat of a recurring thing, but there’s a dapper dan that found this blog and now addresses me as “dole whip” or “churros” pretty much every time I see him. It’s great, but I’m never sure how to respond, which is what makes it awkward.

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